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Llun o swigen siarad a'r teitl o Ddylunio gwasanaethau effeithiol ar gyfer aml-ddefnyddwyr

Why we’re focusing on improving services for frequent users

Why is the Good Practice Exchange at the Wales Audit Office running seminars that focus on frequent users? Dyfrig Williams outlines our thinking and how services can provide efficient citizen-centred… Read more Why we’re focusing on improving services for frequent users

A special Wales edition of the Journal of Integrated care – so what?!!!

How can we better integrate health and social care? Stewart Greenwell of ADSS (Association of Directors of Social Services) Cymru shares the lessons from the Wales edition of the Journal of Integrated care. I guess that writing about what you do is common practice in most professional arena, but normally it is for a very limited audience – the employer, sometimes even service users so that they can see what a professional worker is explaining what they saw, what they did and what they intend to do. Writing for an academic journal is… Read more A special Wales edition of the Journal of Integrated care – so what?!!!

Improving Safeguarding at Pembrokeshire County Council

In the latest blog from the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community Awards, Jake Morgan describes the change management process at Pembrokeshire County Council as they reacted to critical Estyn, Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW) and Wales Audit Office reports. In August 2011 a joint report published by CSSIW and Estyn found that the Council failed to properly protect and safeguard children and young people in its education services. At the same time and on a broader level, WAO had identified numerous failings in the corporate governance of… Read more Improving Safeguarding at Pembrokeshire County Council

How can you improve Social Care Workforce Planning?

In 2011/12 Estyn and CSSIW inspections identified the need for Pembrokeshire County Council to address problems in the retention and recruitment of social workers. Below, Anne Nicholson tells us how they’ve gone about doing just that. We undertook a significant piece of research on recruitment and retention, workloads and support for social workers. We discovered from that research that we have a high number of social workers who appreciate living and working in Pembrokeshire and who want to continue to work for the Authority. This is of course a strength,… Read more How can you improve Social Care Workforce Planning?

Making integration “core business”

Guest blog post by Professor David Oliver. David is Consultant Physician, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust; Visiting Professor of Medicine for Older People, City University, London; Visiting Fellow, the Kings Fund; President-elect, British Geriatrics Society; and Recently of the Department of Health National Clinical Director for Older Peoples Services (England). Population ageing is surely a cause for celebration not catastrophising. It represents a victory for societal conditions, for preventative medicine and public health and for advances in medical treatment. And it gives all of us a higher chance to live well… Read more Making integration “core business”

Time to change the tune…

Guest blog post by Marcus Longley and Tony Garthwaite, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care ahead of ‘Strengthening the Connections‘ events in April.  What do we mean by ‘Strengthening the Connections’?  Two examples show what this is really all about… Richard is an 88 year old man living alone at home.  One Friday afternoon, his neighbour becomes worried about his condition, and calls the local surgery.  The GP visits before evening clinic and quickly realizes that Richard has an infection which needs immediate treatment.  It is perfectly feasible to… Read more Time to change the tune…

Let’s just stop giving people the run-around

Guest blog post from Stewart Greenwell, ADSS Cymru So why so much attention on integrating services, particularly health and social services? Well it makes sense if the public sector is to move away from, sadly, what it has been very good at, for as long as I can remember and as long as I have been a part of it – so this is not written by a paragon of virtue!! It is ‘giving people the run-around’ Ask anyone who is a regular user of both health and social services… Read more Let’s just stop giving people the run-around

Jargon busting

Recently we’ve been hearing from the Wales Audit Office Communications Team about how our upcoming new and improved website will be simpler to use and also make it easier for people to find the information that they need. Andrew Purnell, the Wales Audit Office’s Digital Communications Officer, has been educating us as a team about what an effective website looks like, and also how language plays an important part in that. It’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for if you don’t understand the headings you’re looking under, and… Read more Jargon busting

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