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Can GovCamp Cymru help to reshape services?

So as time ticks down and we get closer to GovCamp Cymru, I’ve started thinking about key issues that I think the unconference could help address. I posted my previous blogpost on GovCamp Cymru to the LocalGov Digital Google Plus group, both to share what is happening in Wales and to get some ideas on issues that have been identified at other unconferences. Simon’s comment on my post highlights ‘citizen-centric services’ as an issue in Australia, which echoes what we’re experiencing in Wales. This neatly ties in with our current… Read more Can GovCamp Cymru help to reshape services?

Asset Transfer: What we can learn from Birmingham City Council

When we’re looking for examples to share at our Good Practice Exchange events, we often come across some fantastic examples that we’d love to share, but that the potential speaker can’t make due to a clash in their diary. This happened when we were organising the Land and Asset Transfer Shared Learning Events, when we heard about some interesting work by Birmingham City Council. The project has now come to an end, but it’s great to read in their blog that the approach has led to a consistent approach to asset… Read more Asset Transfer: What we can learn from Birmingham City Council

Social Scrutiny

What, you may ask, is Huw Lloyd Jones thinking about in writing a blog that focuses mainly on the use of social media? Surely someone who is beginning to catch glimpses of the paradise of retirement through the mist must have something better to do with his time? You may be right! I’ve been a Linked-In user for a while but I confess that, until recently, I’ve used it as an older person’s equivalent of an autograph book. My attempts to open a Facebook account were met, within seconds, by… Read more Social Scrutiny

Is Scrutiny about to come of age……….?

Until recently, many people have considered Scrutiny in Welsh local government as the ‘poor cousin’ of the local democracy. It’s had a turbulent few years in finding its feet in 21st century Wales. Some members of the local government community have questioned the value of scrutiny and examples of effective scrutiny have often been difficult to find. However, I get the distinct impression that the recognition of scrutiny’s important role is about to come of age. Over the last year, the Wales Audit Office has been working with Local Authority… Read more Is Scrutiny about to come of age……….?

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