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5 Quick Wins in Energy Management

Last week, a group of energy specialists – with combined experience of over 300 years – came together at our Energy Management Seminar. With such a wealth of knowledge in one room, there was some very interesting discussion of approaches to energy management. This knowledge shouldn’t be limited to those who attended the Seminar, so I’d like to share some key ideas and approaches that I learnt during day. The aim, as usual, is to inspire you to take well-managed, considered risks and adapt or cherry-pick successful approaches. Don’t forget… Read more 5 Quick Wins in Energy Management

Making the Most of Your Assets

Did you know that since 2006, business energy costs have risen by 243%? No, nor did we. The public sector in Wales is well aware of the need to cut costs and improve services. But what do you do when you’re faced with costs that seem out of your control? You could look to manage your assets better by trying new ideas or approaches. The Wales Audit Office’s Good Practice Exchange aim is to help you find these new ideas and approaches through offering free seminars, resources and guidance on… Read more Making the Most of Your Assets

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