About us

The Good Practice Exchange exists to share knowledge and good practice to support the Welsh public sector to deliver better services.

Our blog shares different approaches to topics high on the public sector agenda. It also shares valuable learning points gathered during the course of our work. Take a look at these approaches and learning points to see how you could adapt them to help your organisation deliver better services.

We would like you to hear from you as well and encourage you to share your views on any of these approaches; have they been helpful to your organisation?

Who are we?

Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton



Ena Lloyd

Ena Lloyd



Bethan Davies

Bethan Smith




Michelle Stephens

Sara Woollatt


We gather and share good practice in a number of ways, such as:

The Good Practice Exchange is based on the following key principles:

  • Not reinventing the wheel;
  • Adapting not adopting;
  • Not advocating a one-size-fits-all approach; and
  • Acting as a ‘conduit’ for the sharing of knowledge.

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