Is ‘common sense’ more useful than ‘process and the rule book’ for taking well managed risks?

Darllenwch y flogbost yn Gymraeg The Good Practice Exchange held a pilot seminar on how you manage risks around organisation change, service transformation and innovation. In this post, Chris Bolton looks at what people use to help them make decisions about risk. This is the second in a series of posts following a pilot session […]

How studying mitigates risk

Darllenwch y flogbost yn Gymraeg The Auditor General for Wales encourages well managed risk taking at Good Practice Exchange events. Ahead of the Good Practice Exchange’s work on well managed risk, Simon Pickthall shares some information on Vanguard’s approach. We are facing unprecedented financial pressures, coupled with the practical implications of working more closely with […]

Risky business?

After every seminar we commit to getting information sent out to participants as quickly as possible so that we can make the most from the momentum gathered from the event. So last week we created a Pinterest board of our Information Technology Shared Learning Seminar, used Storify to collate social media contributions to the event, […]

Accountability and Governance in Partnership Services – Playing a Journalist

The event was on accountability in services, aimed at bringing public services together to share learning. One of the areas The Good Practice Exchange Team is currently exploring is employing the use of fictional scenarios for people to test and develop their thinking and planning skills, in a ‘safe to fail’ environment. Consider the idea […]

Tackling Inequalities

Since its launch in 2012 Sport Wales has invested £4million of National Lottery funding over two phases of its Calls4Action programme in 21 separate projects.  It has demonstrated exemplar practice through innovative partnerships to achieve participation by hard to reach groups. Carwyn Young – Sport Wales’s lead officer for Calls4Action provides his personal perspective on […]

Building Resilient Communities: Mind the Gap

Charlotte Waite @charlotwaite from the ACE Support Hub @acehubwales has blogged for us ahead of our Building Resilient Communities Event.  She is challenging herself, and all of us, to be someone who contributes to resilient communities, which is very different from DOING resilient communities. At a lovely lefty festival I had the privilege to be […]

It’s good to talk – Universities joining forces to put the Well-being of Future Generations Act into practice

Part of the role of the Good Practice Exchange team is to build relationships with a wide range of organisations and to share some innovative or interesting knowledge. We have been working with the Higher Education Future Generations Group (HEFGG) for a few years now.  They are very keen to work collaboratively with the wider […]

How ambitious could your organisation be in using technology to deliver better public services?

Paul Taylor @PaulBromford, from Bromford Housing, has blogged for us ahead of our ‘Inspiring public services to deliver independence and well-being through digital ambition’ seminar on 5 and 14 June. Read on to find out more about digital change, the cultural barriers and breaking free from the shackles… We live in exceptional times. For £50 […]