Public Health Wales Youth Forum – Jessie Hack

Jessie Hack from Public Health Wales’ Youth Forum has blogged for us about being involved in the young person AQS and the Young Wales Youth Summit ahead of our ‘Young People Influencing Decisions about What Matters to Them’ event.

The young person Annual Quality Statement (AQS) was such an experience. I’ve had so much fun creating the AQS, from improving my photography skills to seeing a cartoon version of me on the middle page of the booklet. I specialised in promoting the help me quit programme. Public health Wales were hoping to reduce the amount of smokers in Wales. I also wrote about passive smoking and how it does and will affect you just as much as an actual smoker. We put lots of time into the AQS. We went out into Cardiff City centre and took photographs of the problems we believe could talk about in the AQS. We also had a question and answer session with the chief executive of Public Health Wales; Tracey Cooper, we asked her questions to enhance the information we wished to include in out statements. We then wrote our statements and attended a design workshop for the AQS.   We decided on cartoon faces, colourful writing and photos and large, easy to read text.

Another memorable time involving Public Health Wales was the youth summit with Young Wales. It was a great opportunity for young people to learn more about different area of health and talk about issues that matter to me personally. There were workshops to take part in throughout the day. Firstly there was a how can I get where I want to in life and how can I achieve that session, then a session on what is being successful and finally a session on Adverse Childhood Experience and Resilience. I thoroughly enjoyed those sessions and am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to learn so much and be part of such an educational day. I would love to do it again!

Thank you so much Public Health Wales for giving me the chance to do such amazing things in the past year or so.

Senedd yr Ifanc – Wrexham