Let your past, and our present, shape their future – Katie Hoddinott

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 12.06.14.png#WAOYouth is taking place on 12th and 28th March in Cardiff and Llanrwst, respectively.

Katie Hoddinott is 17. She volunteers for Melin Homes, studies at High School and was keen to get some work experience. With our upcoming youth event we wanted to learn about what matters to young people today, and whether what matters to young people is being heard, understood and listened to, by “people in charge”. Katie’s personal experience of having uncertainty about what to do after finishing school led her to look at how the education system helps children and young people in seeking clarity on their future. Katie decided to look into the following:

In young people, she asked what job they want when they grow up; what challenges they face in getting the job they want; and what should school teachers, politicians and people in charge do to help them get the job they want. In the older generations, she asked what they wanted to do when they were younger, and whether they were in that role currently, and how they got there. She went on to ask what they thought were the challenges facing young people today, to look at whether the older generation understood and saw the issues that young people truly face today.

Katie will be blogging for us soon, to extend upon what she shares in this vlog.