Episode 5: Behaviour Change Insiders

More details are available at the Wales Audit Office, Good Practice Exchange Podcast Page

In Episode Five: Swansea’s got Jargon Busters

We get to talk about the Game Show: Swansea’s got Jargon Busters. This was run by Barod at the Swansea Behaviour Change Festival.

The aim was to change behaviour around how people communicate, by getting them to take part in a game show. Contestants were ‘buzzed out’ for using too much jargon. The podcast has four parts:

Part 1. 2.12- 5.30 mins.  Alan from Barod explains how Jargon Busters was developed.

Part 2. 5.35 – 9.20 mins. Alan and Simon from Barod take Chris from the Good Practice Exchange through an example of Jargon Busters (Chris doesn’t do very well).

Part 3. 9.20 – 15.18 mins. Anne from Barod talks about the evaluation of Jargon Busters and the impact on the behaviour of the people she spoke to.

Part 4. 15.20 – 18.15 mins. Ena from the Good Practice Exchange talks about how the experience of Jargon Busters changed her behaviour.

Useful Links:

The Barod website: www.barod.org

Easy Read version of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

A blog post on the Party Blowers workshop that Barod ran at a Good Practice Exchange event in Cardiff

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