Episode 5: Behaviour Change Insiders – Jargon Busters

More details are available at the Wales Audit Office, Good Practice Exchange Podcast Page

In Episode Five: Swansea’s got Jargon Busters

We talk about the Game Show: Swansea’s got Jargon Busters that was run by Barod at the Swansea Behaviour Change Festival.

The aim was to change how people communicate by getting them to take part in a game show. In the game show they were ‘buzzed out’ for the use of too much jargon. The podcast has for parts:

Part 1. 2.12- 5.30 mins.  Alan from Barod explains how Jargon Busters was developed.

Part 2. 5.35 – 9.20 mins. Alan and Simon from Barod take Chris from the Good Practice Exchange through an example of Jargon Busters (Chris doesn’t do very well).

Part 3. 9.20 – 15.18 mins. Anne from Barod talks about the evaluation of Jargon Busters and the impact on the behaviour of the people she spoke to.

Part 4. 15.20 – 18.15 mins. Ena from the Good Practice Exchange talks about how the experience of Jargon Busters changed her behaviour.

Useful Links:

The Barod website: www.barod.org

Easy Read version of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

A blog post on the Party Blowers workshop that Barod ran at a Good Practice Exchange event in Cardiff

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