Working together: National Issues Committee Wales Fire and Rescue Services 

The winner of the Outstanding Change Leadership award at the All Wales Continuous Improvement Community Annual Conference was the National Issues Committee. Christian Hadfield tells us more about their work.

National Issues Committee LogoAll three Fire and Rescue Services in Wales have made the commitment to ensure the people of Wales continue to have a first class Fire and Rescue Service to be proud of, one that is based on continual improvement and providing a value for money Service. Today’s economic pressures place new challenges on all organisations, the Fire and Rescue Services in Wales intend to meet these challenges head on. And in doing so established a National Issues Committee, which has just celebrated its second birthday of successes.

The National Issues Committee is a dynamic leadership team consisting of Chief and Deputy Chief Fire Officers and Chair and Deputy Chairpersons of each of the three Fire and Rescue Authorities, their aim is to build on and optimise collaborative working opportunities for sustained service improvement, efficiencies and economical benefits, whilst keeping the communities of Wales safe.

Key collaborative areas have been identified as potential opportunities to meet these challenges. Project leads have been nominated to focus on these key areas and feedback to the National Issues Committee on realising new opportunities. The next few years will test the leadership and encourage us to look at new ways of working, calling on our creative strengths and the ability to adapt as a Service, as we’ve successfully proven in the last two years since the National Issues Committee team was introduced.

The National Issues Committee have recognised that the key collaborative areas identified will impact on all of us, and are examining all aspects of our work to ensure that the Welsh Fire & Rescue Services deliver on the Governments agenda for improved, more efficient and citizen focused public services.

With strong innovative leadership, the Fire and Rescue Service in Wales are overcoming the challenges being faced whilst continuing to provide a first class service. The innovative strengths and ability to adapt to changing circumstance are enabling and shaping the future services of the Welsh Fire & Rescue Service.

From the outset the National Issues Committee have been determined to keep everyone abreast of its work streams, with progress reports, regular updates and briefings, via a National Issues Committee web page and through sound communication channels, including the use of social media. The positive leadership of the National Issues Committee has resulted in motivated teams working harder than ever to deliver the aims of each collaborative area, and forging stronger working relationships between the three Fire and Rescue Services in Wales whilst meeting the current economical demands and challenges head on.

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