3 thoughts on “Children and Young People’s Rights and Participation in Pembrokeshire

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  2. Ros Roberts

    Clearly there has been a lot of activity and effort and commitment made by Camarthen to improve the rights of children and this is commendable, however what I do not see above is what difference has all this made? How has life changed for young people who are involved or their carers?. This is not to belittle the efforts camarthen are making but it is unclear from the story above whether this has worked or not? and if so to what degree? What has the outcome been? Mandatory training for example rarely embeds a change of thinking. It would be interesting to see an evaluation of what difference this has all made to the lives of children and their carers.


    1. Good Practice Exchange Post author

      Hi Ros

      Many thanks for taking the time to comment. You’ve raised a lot of good points about the work here. As has been mentioned at the top of the post, it hasn’t been a strength in previous years so it will be something that our auditors will be looking at in the future. You’re bang on in terms of training and such interventions not necessarily resulting in a culture change. It will be really interesting to see the results of future evaluations, and hopefully children and young people will be involved in the evaluation itself if the kind of change they’re looking to embed has begun.

      Thanks again for your comment,




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