#scrusm – sharing scrutiny practice online


We received fantastic feedback on the Scrutiny in the Spotlight Conference that we jointly held with the Centre for Public Scrutiny, Welsh Local Government Association, Welsh Government and Cardiff Business School last year, and a big part of its success was the networking aspect. Councillors, Officers and wider support organisations each had the chance to share issues, but also good practice in their area.

But getting people together from every corner of Wales (and beyond) is an expensive business. We’re looking to continue that networking and information sharing by taking it online.


At 6:30pm on Tuesday 16 September we’ll be taking part in a Twitter chat on scrutiny that’s being facilitated by Dave Mckenna of City and County of Swansea. You can take part in this chat by using the hashtag #scrusm, where the discussion will be centred around getting the public involved.

Virginia Hawkins and Kevin Davies of the National Assembly for Wales ran a workshop on the topic at last November’s event, where they shared their toolkit on involving the community. In this chat we’re looking to hear about any tools, resources or approaches that councillors or officers are using, any issues they’re facing and good things that they’re doing.

We recognise that not everyone is on Twitter so we will be producing a Storify to capture the tweets so that everyone gets to see what happened, just like we do at all our events.

If you’re yet to take to Twitter but think that this might be for you, there are some helpful online guides like this one from Mashable and useful videos like the one below from Hootsuite. There are also some resources on Twitter chats that can help you get to grips with the format.

So whether you’re looking to learn more about how others are approaching their scrutiny, or whether you’d like to share your experiences, we’d love to have you involved in the chat. Because by helping each other to avoid what doesn’t work and sharing what does, we can all play a part in improving public services.


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