GovCamp Cymru

GovCamp Cymru

This year the Good Practice Exchange is supporting GovCamp Cymru, which is an unconference for people working in or with public services in Wales. The event aims to bring people together to discuss and improve public service development and delivery.

As the Good Practice Exchange exists to share public service knowledge and practice, this is an ideal event for us to get behind.

Having supported the NHS Hack Day in Cardiff, we’ve seen what happens first hand when you give people who are passionate about what they do the time and space to improve their work. There were lots of fantastic ideas developed during the weekend, including the use of iPads to chart eye movement, and better learning from quality improvement audits.

There have been some inspiring unconferences this year, with lots of useful resources coming from LocalGovCamp in particular. GovCamp Cymru is in a good position to build on some of the learning from this, as LocalGovCamp was sponsored by the Satori Lab, who are running the event. This Guardian article from Sarah Lay is fascinating reading – will the same key themes crop up in Wales?

Photo issued under a Creative Commons licence by Official BlackBerry Images (
Photo issued under a Creative Commons licence by Official BlackBerry Images

On the GovCamp Cymru explained webpage there’s a bit about how people might pitch sessions. I’ll get my thinking cap on and start thinking about issues that I’ve come across that may need tackling. I wonder whether anyone will put forward sessions on collaboration (as Glen Ockso blogged about for We Love Local Government) or digital tips for councillors (from Swansea’s own Dave McKenna) like in LocalGovCamp?

There are also some great blogs reflecting on the event, with a healthy debate going on as to how the event met the sector’s needs, from Phil Jewitt’s post on how central digital is to LocalGovCamp to Kate Bentham’s post on whether she should have attended. It’s great to see such an open, transparent and respectful approach to feedback and learning.

With austerity and numerous graphs of doom being bandied around, we’re constantly reminded that public services face challenges that they have never faced before. If public services have changing needs, then we can’t expect supporting events to stay the same either. This event comes at an important time then, and we’re really looking forward to working with you all to improve public services at GovCamp Cymru.


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