Strengthening our Connections #integration14

The Good Practice Team has found some new partners to help share knowledge and good practice in integrated health and social care. Over the coming months, we will be working with the Association of Directors for Social Services Cymru, Welsh NHS Confederation and the Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care. We’ll be sharing some of the fascinating ideas and good practice coming out of their Strengthening the Connections project, which is looking at collaboration and integration between local government and NHS Wales.

So, how did this come about? We, the Good Practice Team, chatted with colleagues about the key themes we should concentrate on this year. Health and social care integration flashed up immediately as an area where sharing some good practice and ways of working could be beneficial. So, we started planning some seminars. You can imagine how happy we were to discover ADSS Cymru, Welsh NHS Confederation and WIHSC’s Strengthening the Connections Project. As part of this project, they were even planning a series of demonstration events across Wales to showcase some case studies and interesting ideas. The obvious answer? To merge our events and work together to share good practice and knowledge about integrated health and social care.

And why do we think this approach is beneficial? Well, it’s an integrated approach in itself. We get to combine the Good Practice Team’s experience in sharing knowledge and good practice with our partners’ expertise in health and social care. We get to include the interesting case studies we found in larger demonstration events and make sure they reach the right audience. This includes some excellent examples of data sharing from Cheshire and integrated care in care homes from Sheffield. We also get to help share the valuable work that our partners are doing this year. But most importantly, working together helps coordinate the effort to provide integrated care, truly focused on individual needs. The King’s Fund has produced a great video bringing integrated care to life and showing what it really means to patients.

Now we have some plans about how we can help our partners share the ideas, knowledge and good practice that develop out of their work. Over the next month, you’ll see some guest blogs on here from our partners and others to share knowledge in the field of health and social care integration. We’ll be sharing links to interesting articles, ideas and resources on integrated care on Twitter – it’ll be great to hear from any of you who know of some good work going on in this area. And of course, we’ll be tweeting and blogging around the series of demonstration events planned for April, letting you get involved in the conversation, share your own ideas and see the outputs from the events.

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