Scrutiny beyond boundaries


The role of Scrutiny isn’t just found in Local Government. It takes a number of forms across the public sector in the UK. Irrespective of the sector, the principles of scrutiny can very much be applied across the board.

Whilst the recent Scrutiny in the Spotlight conference was local government focussed, the key note speaker in the afternoon, Peter Watkin Jones of Eversheds, presented his thoughts on the Mid Staffordshire Inquiry.

The messages he shared were applicable right across the public sector. Peter very kindly allowed us to interview him following his hugely successful presentation to capture the key points. Dozens of organisations have requested a copy of the video to enable them to share with their Audit Committees, fellow Scrutiny colleagues and Members in general.

The Social Media interest was at its busiest during Peter’s presentation, and here are just a few tweets from delegates sharing what they were taking away from his presentation.

Peter Watkin Jones

Peter Watkin Jones

You can also view a summary of his key points.

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